Our Institutions

We have a network of 44 Institutions all over the District...

Acquainting with the Kanara Welfare Trust run institutions

Dr. Dinakar Desai, a multi faceted personality, an eminent poet in Kannada, a social worker, par excellence, and an eminent educationist came like a scourge on the scene of post independent Uttara Kannada District to drive away the illiteracy and ignorance of the people of our district. The intense feeling of empathy for the poor and down trodden in him resulted in the establishment of the Kanara Welfare Trust in 1953 under the banner of which he founded educational institutions throughout the length and breadth of our district. The Kanara Welfare Trust mainly focuses upon the qualitative basic education, especially in the arena of Primary and High School education. Discipline and high degree of transparency are the salient features of our Trust run institutions. The fact that these institutions are captioned “Janata Vidyalaya” being established with the co-operation of the rural folk speak volumes of Dr. Dinakar Desai’s organizing skill, his concern for the rural poor who were steeped in mire of wretched poverty in those days and also his conviction that only education can up lift them from the poverty and enable them to enjoy cake of the decent life. The simple structure of the tiled roof of the buildings of the educational institutions in all the rural areas of our district has become a metaphor for simplicity and an inseparable feature of our Uttara Kannada along with the scenic beauty of the hills, the Arabian sea and the cascading waterfalls reflecting the abundant pulchritude of Nature with which our district is surrounded. In this back drop we endeavour to acquaint you with Trust run institutions by providing brief articles about them.

Degree Colleges

Gokhale Centenary College, Ankola
Divekar College of Commerce, Karwar
KWT's College of Education, Dandeli
KWT's B.C.A. College, Karwar

Junior Colleges

Gokhale Centenary Pre-University College, Ankola
Divekar Pre-University College of Commerce & Science, Karwar
Janata Vidyalaya, Dandeli – High School & Composite Pre-University College
Janata Vidyalaya, Kadtoka – High School & Composite Pre-University College
Janata Vidyalaya, Shirali – High School & Composite Pre-University College
P.M. Composite Junior College, Ankola

High Schools

People's Multipurpose High School, Ankola
People's Multipurpose High School (English Medium), Ankola
Janata Vidyalaya, Baad-Kagal
Janata Vidyalaya, Mirjan-Kodkani
Janata Vidyalaya, Murdeshwar
Janata Vidyalaya, Anilgod
Janata Vidyalaya, Dhareshwar
Janata Vidyalaya, Kasarkod
Janata Vidyalaya, Bedkani
Janata Vidyalaya, Mudga
Smt. Kamalabai Pikale High School, Katgal
Janata Vidyalaya, Kulve-Baroor
Janata Vidyalaya, Kadwad
Janata Vidyalaya, Shirali
Janata Vidyalaya, Dandeli
Janata Vidyalaya, Kadtoka

Primary and Pre-Primary Schools

English Medium Primary School, Dandeli
English Medium Nursery School, Dandeli
Kannada Medium Primary School, Dandeli
Kannada Medium Nursery School, Dandeli
Thakkar Bapa Nursery School, Ankola
Dr. Dinkar Desai Primary School, Ankola
Shrimat Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji Balamandir, Shirali
Bala Vikasa Kendra, Mundgod
Janata Vidyalaya Dinkar Pre-Primary School, Dhareshwar
Janata Vidyalaya Dinkar Primary School, Dhareshwar

Other Social Service Institutions

Thakkar Bapa Tailoring School, Ankola
Anandashram Tailoring School, Mundgod
Dinkar Kalaniketan, Karwar and Ankola
Shri Satya Sai Balawadi & Balavikas Kendra, Kodibag, Karwar
Computer Training Centre, Karwar
Computer Training Centre, Dandeli